A trip with family to the USA

A trip with children to the USA creates unforgettable memories. With older children you can plan a round trip through several cities that are known to the kids from the media. For families with smaller children, a holiday in a resort is more advisable. The flight and the other means of transport in the USA can be well prepared and should already be booked from Germany. The flights often change in price, so that you can calculate better with a fixed booking, especially for several people. There are on-site rental cars for tourists who can be used flexibly for a road trip. A caravan for a USA round trip is ideal for traveling with children. It secures basic needs and gives the freedom to stay overnight anywhere without having to look for accommodation. Children are well catered for at all festivals and events in the USA, America is very child-friendly. City festivals, parades or rodeos usually offer special children’s entertainment.

Where to travel with children in the U.S.?

To reconcile many needs, Florida is a good choice. Here you can experience beach holidays on the Caribbean coast, where the water is pleasantly warm and the swell is usually not so rough. For smaller children, this is an important prerequisite. In Florida you can visit the Everglades, Miami, Los Angeles, Disneyland in Orlando or the Florida Keys. These goals are often already known to the children from the media. Disneyland is costly, but once you’re in Florida, you have to experience it. Families with small children often can not take so many day trips, here it is advantageous to book a holiday in one of the resorts. The resorts offer entertainment for children, so that even parents with children of different ages have a break from the larger offspring.

Obtaining an entry permit for families

If you want to enter the USA, you can submit an ESTA application for yourself and your children. In advance, you have to check whether you are ESTA-eligible. There is a program online for this. In general, a passport for adults and also for children is required for entry. You can also travel with a temporary passport. An identity card does not meet the requirements. It is important for the parents to provide proof of custody of the children. If you stay in the USA for more than 90 days, you must apply for a visa. It is best to contact the EMBASSY of the USA in good time and have all the requirements explained and confirmed for the family. But also in the travel agency you can get information for the trip booked there.

Visiting national parks with children

The national parks are a good destination for older children. For small children, there may be highlights with animal observations, which are often presented in the untouched nature. National parks such as the Grand Canyon, Zion, Yosemite and Bryce offer magical impressions that you can keep for a lifetime. Here you can experience the natural beauties known from the media up close. For smaller children, a day trip to the national park is good to consider, there are physical strains to cope with, which can not be avoided on a hike.

Visit The Universal Studios

A nice destination with children are Universal Studios, which made film history. Here you can watch scenes of famous film scenes and find out about actors, films and projects. Many famous movies have their origin here. Guided tours are an inexhaustible source of attractions and knowledge for film fans. Children and young people can track down their film heroes in the studios and share photos for their friends. Fans enjoy the historical film equipment and backdrops that are on display there.

Disney World in Orlando

Disney World offers with its child-friendly attractions a lot of leisure activities on vacation. Despite all the fun, it is important that you do not leave your child under the age of seven unattended. There is a lot of nature worth seeing around the hotel complexes, but children should always be on the road with parents.

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