The Beginner’s Guide to Sending Handwritten iMessages on iPhone

Send Handwritten iMessages on iPhone

How to Send a Handwritten iMessage on iPhone?

Handwritten messages are a great way to express your feelings in a more personal way. This is why we want to show you how to send hand-written iMessages on your iPhone. . With that said, the steps are very straightforward and you should be able to send them on your own.

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In order to send a handwritten message, you will need to follow these steps:

Steps to send Handwritten iMessages on iPhone:

  • Go to the Messages app
  • Choose your contact you would like to chat with
  • Tap the text field (where it says iMessage)
  • Rotate your iPhone to a landscape orientation (works on iPad in portrait or landscape)
iPhone: How to send handwritten iMessages
pic credits: 9to5mac.com
  • Tap the handwritten icon in the bottom right (adjacent to the return and microphone icons)
  • Type in your own message, or choose from these pre-existing options
pic credits: 9to5mac.com
  • You can click the arrow in the middle-right of your screen for more room to type. Click “Done” when you are finished.
  • Sending handwritten messages wasn’t easy before, but now you can send them faster and easier than ever before. You also have a lot more features available to make your messages stick out.
pic credits: 9to5mac.com

How to Draw Emojis & Symbols with the Apple Pencil

Drawing emojis is a very common use case for the Apple Pencil. You can draw emojis on any screen by tapping the pencil to the screen and then drawing.

Drawing symbols with the Apple Pencil is also possible, but it does require a little more work than drawing emojis. You’ll need to activate the tool (it’s in your toolbar), then draw on your screen as you would if you were using pen or pencil on paper. .The pencil can also be used to create and share custom handwriting with friends. and colleagues.

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Paintbrush Brushes are another way to doodle on your iPad. You can sketch, draw, and paint with brushes of various sizes and types to create any drawing style you like. Because the brushes are digital, they’re easy to save at any time as a new brush or as part of a saved set. When you’ve created a brush, you can use it as the starting point for new drawings with different effects and styles. By enabling the Show Brushes options, you can see all of the brushes that are available to choose from, including those saved by other iPad artists.

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