Top 10 Websites Like Craigslist for Cars

websites like craigslist for cars

Are you looking for a site like craigslist that features info about cars? Well, there are quite a few options available to meet your needs. Craigslist is definitely one of the most popular advertisement portals available but when it comes to sites that enlist information about cars, there are quite a few competitors running head to head with it. Let’s have a look at some of these:

Probably the largest network to find cars of your choice, is a trusted site for car enthusiasts and comes with loads of features. With the help of a comprehensive database, you can now do your research and find the best options in regards to the cars available.

What’s exclusive to

  • With, you can now take your overall car buying experience to an altogether new level. The site has a simple and easy interface to offer best accessibility.
  • Register with this site and you will now be getting personalized offers on the latest deals from different dealers that include discounts, incentives, etc. You can also opt for a customized deal where you can recreate your monthly payments and value of the trade-ins.
  • You can make a pick from used cars as well. The pre-owned vehicles available with this site are carefully quality tested and then listed with the best deals on offering.
  • Just a few questions that you need to answer and the site will provide you an estimation on your vehicle’s present market valuation.

    Planning to buy a car but cannot afford a fortune? Visit and you will surely have a hassle free experience. CarMax is the best site to purchase used cars. Each of these cars are tested against quality issues and renovated to their best shape before enlisting on the portal. The site, with its well organized setup makes it easy for the visitors to navigate without any confusion. Well, this site is not only for purchasing but you can even trade your old car. This is a compact site with lots of options available.

    What’s exclusive to
    The site comes with several features that assure peace of mind for the visitors. At CarMax, you can enjoy several exclusive features. Have a look:

  • Enjoy doorstep pickup and delivery
  • You have the option to return a vehicle within 30 days from purchase
  • All the major systems are covered for 4000 miles or 90 days, whichever comes first
  • There is also test drives available, 24/7 time format
  • is one of the most prospective automotive classified websites available presently. Launched in 1998, is presently the 2nd largest classified site for automotive. Whether you are looking for new or used cars, vintage or latest models, feature all of these in the most organized way. The portal,, is dedicated towards creating the right automotive chemistry between the sellers and buyers, and ensuring better ROI. With, you are assured a better shopping experience.

    What’s exclusive to
    There are certain distinctive features that make such a top automotive classified website presently. Some of the exclusive features of this portal are:

  • Exclusive reviews of latest cars by experts
  • Easy interface to make search for old or new cars faster
  • Customized shopping search
  • Effective payments calculator
  • Easy and convenient selling option
  • Deep research of the vehicles along with side-by-side comparisons

    Autotempest is a craigslist type of portal dedicated towards listing sites related to cars. Whether it is about new or used cars, you will find detailed information about these items enlisted in autotempest. You can do your part of research with this portal without the need to look at other online options. This is a safe and trusted site, featuring hundreds and thousands of cars to learn about.

    What’s exclusive to

  • Hundreds of automotive websites are enlisted with this portal
  • Easy searching option
  • Get the best insurance quotes
  • Search for the most appropriate used car
  • Best information on car auctions

    Next in our list is, a well organized website dedicated to cars. The portal features all the information about different cars, the deals and offerings, news on car launches, rallies, and other related info. Compared to other sites, has a relatively different approach to the entire process.

    What’s exclusive to

  • Features information on all the latest and vintage car models
  • All the latest info on cars
  • Exclusive car trial facility
  • Easy to choose a car model for a particular era
  • Offerup

    Looking for a craigslist alternative for cars related information? Well, Offerup is a great website to manage your automotive queries. If you are planning to buy a car or sell your existing one, this site can prove to be extremely useful to handle the proceedings. Your search for the best cars ends here, with Offerup. This portal is known for providing the best offers on car purchase, loans, and associated deals.

    What’s exclusive to

  • The free car listing page is highly informative.
  • The custom tools available can be used to include different information related to purchase
  • There is also the option to pay for extra listings once the total number of free listing limit is reached
  • The app is available to pay for the listings
  • New features are constantly being updated
  • Letgo (Acquired by Offerup)

    Want to buy or sell used cars? Well, Letgo is the site to visit. This Craigslist alternative is a definite pick for those looking to purchase second hand cars. It has been presently acquired by Offerup.

    What’s exclusive to letgo?

  • Automatic listings and managing inventory by dealers using already-used tools by the dealers
  • Millions of used cars are listed on the site for resale purpose
  • Live chat option
  • 12 auto inventory option
  • Cargurus

    Founded back in 2006, CarGurus is one of the best websites like Craigslist for cars. It is a highly effective site research and shop for cars, new and used. The site also makes it easier to contact the sellers and compare local listings for automotives. A very effective algorithm is used for analyzing and comparing the features and prices of the cars listed and available on sale. CarGurus also offers the option of custom search for the users. Using this feature, users can compare the features, pricing, and dealership reputation for specific cars within a specific location.

    What’s exclusive to CarGurus?

  • A very intuitive discussion platform for experts and enthusiasts related to automotive industry
  • Option to submit queries and share information
  • Extremely secured site for selling and purchasing cars
  • Have a clear view of the personalized, actual rates prior to approaching a dealer
  • Facebook Marketplace

    How about finding a site that offers buying and selling of cars with a touch of socializing? Well, Facebook Marketplace exactly does so! It is the perfect ecommerce platform to meet your business needs. The Facebook Marketplace is not exclusive to buying and selling of automotive. Rather, it caters to other areas of businesses as well. With Facebook Marketplace, you get the chance to join live communities and open a discussion on the car you are interested in.

    What’s exclusive to Facebook Marketplace?

  • Live interactive community
  • Reflects on the latest news and info on cars
  • A perfect way to socialize a query and receive outputs
  • Purchase and selling of automotive becomes easier
  • Final thoughts

    So, what do you think about these alternatives to Craigslist? You can try them to see how they perform based on your needs. If you have some other options in mind, feel free to mention in the comment section below.

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